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    Canada's Woderland

    My wife and I are planning a trip to Canada in a year or so and would like more MiceChat information on Canada's Wonderland. (NOTE: I could not find a thread for this theme park, but please place a link if you think it would help).
    Doing some research on the internet, it looks like a 'coaster park.' But also it contains structures that may or may not resemble Disneyland and themed attractions coaster such as the Italian Job (which looks like it has been re-themed.
    We might be traveling with young children (age 3 and 12), would this be entertaining to them. (The oldest will ride anything, but still likes the younger themed attractions).
    Any info would be helpful, thank you!
    Also, we reside in Arizona, and plan to visit Michigan so I'd like to know if this is feasible, and also if our "walk across the border" card we received for Mexico will suffice, or do we need to bring our passports?
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    Re: Canada's Woderland

    I'm not sure about the theme park - where is it?

    Also, take your passports - it's just easier to deal with at the borders.

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    Re: Canada's Woderland

    It's just outside Toronto. I went there in 1988. It was actually not too bad, but some of the coasters scarred me for life. I went on one that was kind of like the Blue Streak at Cedar Point. On the Blue Streak, you got a seatbelt and a lapbar that doesn't go all the way down (stops above the knees). On this coaster, you only hand a lapbar, no seatbelt. I had to hang on for dear life because there was so much airtime I though I was going to fly out of my seat! Then on the standup coaster... it was so slow I thought we were going to get stuck in the loop! I remember loving the mine train coaster thingy that went through the mountain in the middle of the park. Not sure if that's there anymore though.

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    Re: Canada's Woderland

    I know theme park review did a trip there a few years back. I'm sure it's still there somewhere.

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