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    THE J.W.Buchanan

    Train 6 at the Calico Mine Ride ( Knotts Berry Farm) has come back from the paint shop, sporting Marine Corp colors and a new name J.W. Buchanan.

    Ain't she pretty..

    Some detail

    The name

    James Buchanan was a president, but I do not know what he had to do with the Marines?
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    Re: THE J.W.Buchanan

    Wow!! looks great! I'm glad to see Knott's restoring some of the older attractions as well.

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    Re: THE J.W.Buchanan

    Now if only they'd fix the audio for the conductor's spiel so we could understand what he's saying... what the heck is the story anyway? And what does the mine train have to do with the Marines?

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    Re: THE J.W.Buchanan

    No clue why it was painted in the traditional colors of the USMC, but it looks nice. I am assuming that the name was in dedication to the time it represents. However aside from that there does not seem to be a tangible link. I too hope they fix the audio. To my knowledge the Mine Train is more or less a living museum, showing a small glimpse of what mining life was like over a century ago. Thank You Ranger Rick.

    One minor question (no pun intended)... what is the story behind the Cordelia? I previously wasn't aware of the fact that she is an actual steam engine, now that I know I am curious as to her history.
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