This is the hotel I stayed at 3 years ago when I went to Paris.

They have completely remodeled the place since I was there. It looks like a totally modern upgraded hotel now. In fact when I logged onto the site, I had to take a double take, as it doesn't look anything inside like it did when I was there. The place was a little dated in 2004. The decor was very mid-late 80's. Now, looking at the pictures, I REALLY wouldn't mind staying here!

The price was right for us at the time. It's not really centrally located, but it's also not really that far from anything. Granted, you can't easily walk to say, the Eiffel Tower, but the Balad Metro station is an easy walk from the hotel. I think it's about a 20 minute Metro ride to Notre Dame. And it's simple to make the trek to Versailles from here. All you do is walk across the Seine to the train station and hop onboard the train to Versailles (about a 30-40 minute ride).

My favorite part of this hotel was Le Bar (obviously - lol). The drinks were darn tasty, and the service was impeccable. The hotel restaurant was pretty darn good too. And the concierge was most helpful.

Everyone speaks English for the most part. But again, a simple "Parlez vous Anglais" to anyone is much appreciated by the French.

So, if you're looking for a decent hotel in the Paris area, I'd like to recommend the Sofitel Porte de Sèvres, especially now that it's been upgraded!