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Thread: Le Vieux Bistro

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    Le Vieux Bistro

    When I was in Paris in 2004, the friends I was with found that this place was known for it's boeuf bourguignon and that's really what I wanted for a meal while in Paris. This place did not disappoint. In fact it was so good we went twice!

    It's located across the street from Notre Dame. If you are standing in front of the cathedral, to the left is a side street. That is where it is located.

    Both times we went were great, but it was the second time that was extra special.

    We were looking for a different place to go and couldn't seem to get into any restaurants without a reservation, so we decided to go back to Le Vieux and see if we could get in. The owner said if we can order and finish in an hour, because the place was booked for the evening, we could. Well, being Americans, eating quickly wasn't a problem.

    When we told him that we were from Los Angeles, and that this was our second time eating here because we liked it so much, well that sealed it, we were in! We had a table right next to the window looking out to Notre Dame. He gave us free champagne. We got delicious chocolates at the end of our meal and he didn't charge us the full price for everything. And we ended up staying there a good 2.5 hours!

    The atmosphere is charming. The service was awesome both times we went. The food, excellent. The wine list is great. I HIGHLY recommend dining at Le Vieux Bistro if you ever get to Paris.

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    Re: Le Vieux Bistro

    Excellent review. Thank you!

    When Fishy and I go to Paris in the Spring, we'll look this place up.
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    Re: Le Vieux Bistro

    Oooh! Sounds lovely!

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    Re: Le Vieux Bistro

    I had 5 meals last year at my favorite restaurant (Villa Romana in Porte Doree).

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