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    Disneyland Paris In November...

    Me and my friend are planning a 4 day trip to DLP on the 8th - 11th November. I havn't been since I was a kid so I can't remember all the details of things but how busy is it at this time? I'm guessing not very? Also what would be the easiest/cheapest way of getting out of the resort for one day to visit Paris?

    Thanks for any replies

    Edit: Will the Christmas season have begun by this time aswell? I'd really love to experience DL with the xmas celebrations.
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    Re: Disneyland Paris In November...

    The resort is right at the end of the local (RER) train line to Paris. The is definitely the cheapest way. The resort website has good transport information. The station is literally right outside the park gates. It is the same station (but different line) that the Eurostar arrives at, and is next to the resort bus drop off area.

    The trip into central Paris takes about 45 minutes to an hour. On the way home, make sure you take a train going down the correct branch line, as the RER line out of Paris to Disneyland branches and only one branch goes to DLRP. Watch out for beggars on the train. As we come from Australia, we found this a bit of a culture shock, but never felt unsafe. I just kept my bag close and my head in a book -sort of like on the Underground.

    You can buy tickets at the machine at the station.

    We were ther in January, so I don't know about crowds. As I understand it if you avoid school holidays and Saturdays the crowds are not a problem. If it is high period, then more rides should be open longer.

    If you stay in a Disney hotel you get early entry on limited days, which helps if things are busy.
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