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    hostels in Paris?

    My daughter will be studying in Vienna this summer, and of course, will have free travel weekends and an extended travel period after her studies. She and three other students want to spend a few days in Paris and include Disneyland in their itinerary.

    They are looking at accomodations options. They've booked hostels in Berlin, Brugges, Salzburg, Prague, everywhere but Paris.

    So...basically, they are needing a hostel in Paris, and I told her I would see if anyone has recommendations. They have looked only at the "Young and Happy Hostel", and it's a good option I guess...

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    Re: hostels in Paris?

    well because i lives there i dont know how they are and everything but i know that near DIsneyland Paris like 2 RER Stations away from the parks there is a very affordable hotel for like 40 Euros a night with shower in the room and very clean .

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    Re: hostels in Paris?

    I stayed at the hostel called the Woodstock and it was very clean and close to the Metro. Only problem was it had a curfew. Hope that helps. Have fun!
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    Re: hostels in Paris?

    I stayed here 2 summers ago and i found it to be quite fine for the 15 euros a night we paid.
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