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    8,918's pin sale is on!


    The pin sale is on. They released a new series of Villains pins that include ones you would expect, like Maleficent, Jafar and Ursula. However, there are also pins of Monstro, Br'er Fox, Si and Am, and THE HORNED KING! Lots of others too.

    Some extra coupon codes.

    FREE50 - Free shipping with $50.00 purchase. (Expires: 11:59 pm PT August 10, 2008)

    - 15% off using Disney Visa Card. (Expires: 11:59 pm PT August 12, 2008) !!

    SHIPFOR5 - $5.00 shipping with $50.00 purchase. (Expires: 11:59 pm PT August 17, 2008)

    VISA75 - Free shipping with $75.00 purchase using Disney Visa Card. (Expires: 11:59 pm PT September 30, 2008)

    DRVCMEMBER - 10% off when paying with Disney Visa Card. (Expires: September 30, 2009)

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    Re:'s pin sale is on!

    The Si and Am pin is making me regret vowing to only stick to Duck pins! Maybe I'll be able to pick it up in a trade somewhere.

    I just bought the Donald and Daisy Fantasia, Donald and nephews gardening and vacationing and the Donald camping Badge pins. I put back the Donald rock and roller and Daisy camp badge pin. Why did they have to do this a month before I go to WDW?!?
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    Re:'s pin sale is on!

    Thanks for the info Mellonballer!

    Um... free shipping on Mondays for selected pins too! They've also got some nice sales going on. Did you see the Jessica framed pin set, that was $99.99 and is now only $17.99??!! What a deal! I'm not into the Jessica pins, but for someone that is thats a great way to get a nice set.

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    Re:'s pin sale is on!

    Thanks! I picked up the Wall-E jumbo pin with free shipping.

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    Re:'s pin sale is on!

    OMG this sale is sooooooooooo bad! I bought $80 worth of pins! lOnly a few were on sale, but the Peter Pan and 101 Dalmatians Jumbos for 9.99 ... who can resist??!
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