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    Monorail Pin in the Park?

    Hey guys,

    I was wondering if someone could help me figure out what the deal is with the limited edition 50th anniversary monorail pins.

    As you may know, Disney will offer pins that correspond with anniversaries and other special events in the park. This year they did a couple of pins that commemorated the opening of the Matterhorn('59), the Monorail('59), Splash Mountain('89) and others.

    I have a relative that collects such pins but I cant find them in the park. I'm not talking about the regular monorail pins but the 50th anniversary ones. I think they issued about three different styles.

    If anyone knows where these can be found in or around the park, it would really be helpful


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    Re: Monorail Pin in the Park?

    For the monorail, Disney released a box set of 7 pins at DLR and one limited edition pin. Walt Disney Imagineering(WDI) also released two monorail 50th pins. These were all released in June and July of this year. The only one not to sell out was the box set of seven pins. It is still available in many locations; Frontierland had it at the pin store, and Little Green Men in Tomorrowland is still carrying it. The others have all sold out. is a good reference guide and search engine for pins. Hope this helps!

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    Re: Monorail Pin in the Park?

    Yes, use to find out anything you want to know about a pin.

    If you really want it, the best way to get it is Ebay. you can usually get it on ebay for close to the same amount you would have paid in park.

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