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    Pin Trading Events for Non-Collectors

    Are the Disneyland summer events worth going to if you are not really into pin trading? I'm asking since I know a big Disneyland fan that wants to go with me, but they're not really into pin trading. They do cast member trade in the parks so I know the games and trade boards will be fun for them, but the trading area will be of little interest to them. I've seen pictures of the WDW events and they look like they'd be fun to go to even if you have no interest in pins whatsoever, but the few DLR pictures I've seen make the even look like a glorified pin trading night. Do they provide anything else like the entertainment and photo ops they have at other merchandising events?

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    Re: Pin Trading Events for Non-Collectors

    While I've never been to one, I guess it would depend on how curious you guys are about the event.

    I don't believe there is entertainment, mostly previews of upcoming product and maybe raffles or something of that sort.

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