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    Event Noob

    I am a casual pin trader and have never been to a pin or merch event before. The Florida Project event (sept 9-11) caught my eye. Can anyone provide a little background on what can be expected at these types of events? Is it just an opportunity to buy things first, LE's, etc. or does more happen? Thanks.

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    Re: Event Noob

    You get the opportunity to buy LE items first and they usually have some food and picture opportunities. i went to the 55 dateline event at DLR it was fun i would suggest it if you are in the area. i am also going to the love is magical one at epcot with my GF this Feb. It's supposed to have a dessert buffet in the theme of valentines day. Bring some pins with you if you go because at the dateline one they had a couple games where you could win pins but if you did you needed a scrapper to trade with.

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