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    So I was just looking around on EBay at pins. It blew me away how many of them their were. So I was just wondering. How many pins are their? How many do the release a year? Does disney have a pin making team? Whats the most expensive pin?

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    Re: Pins

    Well let's see. Disney does have a team for making pins. There are 10s of thousands of them. Exact number is unknown. Between all the parks, Disney Store, and other sources I would estimate that there are hundreds, maybe over a thousand, pins made in a year. The most valuable pins can go for several hundred dollars.

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    Re: Pins

    Not trying to chase you away, but there is a pin trading section in the forums:

    Pin Trading

    That would probably be a better place to get most of your pin questions answered rather than here in the Disneyland Resort section.

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    Re: Pins

    Also take a look at It's the defacto site to go to for information about Disney pins. Usually as soon as a pin is released, it gets uploaded there.

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    Re: Pins

    I recently fell into the pin frenzy haha. I'm not a hardcore trader, but I like to get one each time I visit. Just a little fun thing to collect. I just got a Muppet Vision one on ebay... since it's been retired in the parks. I was so excited! Haha!

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