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    NEW SF&D RR Engineer Pins!

    Back in 1955, when there were literally only about four or five engineers on the Santa Fe & Disneyland Railroad, the engineers were issued pins that designated their position. These pins probably came from the same company that manufatured the Conductor hat badges (Los Angeles Stamp and Steel).

    The Engineer pins were quite large--1 3/4" in diameter, and plated in bright chrome with blue inlay. This is one of the rarest pieces of Disneyland Railroad memorabilia in existence. Even I have never seen one in person.

    However, a few years ago, a woman doing some geneological research had heard a story passed down that her grandfather had been the very first engineer on the SF&D RR on Opening Day. Turns out, he was. The family still had his engineer badge, and they kindly sent photos to me. I asked for additional information, like dimensions and what kind of back it had. Here's the original:

    This photo doesn't do the original justice. In fact it's quite shiny, but it does show its age in the chipped paint.

    Now, a former Disneyland Railroad Conductor has now reproduced this excruciatingly rare pin in exacting detail, right down to its massive size. Here's what they look like:

    The pins come with broach style pin backs just like the original. They are available to MiceChat members for $22.95 each, post paid. You can pay via Paypal by entering the following email address on the Paypal site:

    [email protected]

    Only 160 of this first run are currently available. These pins were not produced nor are they affiliated in any way with The Walt Disney Company.

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    Re: NEW SF&D RR Engineer Pins!

    I think your supposition about the SF&DLRR badges being made by the Los Angeles Stamp & Stationery Company (it's proper name, btw) is correct. It is also the same company that made the early original metal badges that were worn at Disneyland when it opened. For example, here is the back of an early numbered badge made by the company:

    You can see the hallmark stamped on the left side of this badge. And in my collection here I have this badge:

    On the backside of my badge is another of their hallmarks, LAS&SCO. (I wish I had a better digital camera to get a clear picture of it ) You can see that the brass planchet that was used to make my badge was slightly off center in the press, and not all the detail from the die was pressed into the metal near the bottom. You might find it interesting to see the Cast Member's full name on this badge instead of an employee number. Only departmental supervisors had their full name on their badge. In this case, Jim Warrick was the Disneyland Department 41 Maintenance Management Supervisor. And here is another, that belongs to Disney Legend Bill Sullivan, who was the Operations Supervisor:

    Regular hourly employees of Disneyland Inc. and Retlaw were issued the metal badges with a number. And even those get crazy, as the badges were issued and recollected as people came and went from the park. Cast rarely got a badge with their actual employee number, HR simply kept track of who was issued what number at what time.

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    Re: NEW SF&D RR Engineer Pins!

    Just a quick note to say I received my pin yesterday, and it is just as described and well made.

    Thanks for the quick shipping and great pin.

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