First time poster to this board, though not new to MiceChat. I hate having my first post on this board be asking for a favor, but here it goes...

So did anyone else win the Sci-Fi Academy Piece of History Alderaan Pin purchase opportunity set for Saturday July 9th? I won, but there is absolutely no way now that I could get there that morning. I found out just after signing up for the lottery that my friend up in LA had an extra ticket to the Harry Potter Deadly Hallows Part 2 employee screening that morning. Doors open at 8a, and it starts at 9a. So there's absolutely no way I could get to the park in the morning, pick up my wristband, and then drive all the way back up to LA in time for the screening. I have no problem racing down after the premiere, and meeting up with someone later that day.

So just wondering if anyone won, and was only going to buy 1 of the pins. If so, I'd be grateful if you buy 2 and I would meat you later on that same day and pay you for it.

Again, sorry to have to ask a favor like this. I just got into the Pin madness. (Those Disneyland Then & Now pins finally did it for me). Thanks!