<p>I'm designing a layout for some of my special pins. I've got the disneyland map pin set at the center. Above I'd like to use the letter set from &quot;Disneyland Paris&quot; but just the Disneyland part. I've had trouble finding some of the letters, especially the Mickey D, and the i. I would trade very nice pins. I'd also love to get any other set of matched D I S N E Y L A N D pins. I don't like the pins in a circle I want the open pins. I've got a Peter Pan e that much have others that match. I've also got some of the Disneyland 2001 alphabet but missing major elements. My thought is to include my full set of E ticket danglers in this layout. I think the result will be unique and stunning.</p>
<p>I'm also always interested in unique Mickey Sorcerer stuff. I have 1 of the five framed Mickey Sorcerer's colored in by the official Disney artists, for example.</p>