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    Red Face Searching for BVS pins!

    Hi everyone! I'm on the hunt for Buena Vista Street pins - any and all related to the street!

    BVS is very near and dear to me, I've made some of the best friends I've ever had there, and I'm even lucky enough to work there!

    There are quite a few pins out there that I'm looking for, and so far, I only have two. I've only just begun, though!

    I'm having difficulty uploading a correctly sized image of the pins, so here's a link to my collage of them! (update: I now have the Minnie Carthay pin!) I realize some are WDI pins that are very limited edition, and I meant to buy them at d23, but the line was a 3 hour wait and I had to leave

    I'm hoping that some of you may have these pins or know someone with them who are willing to part with them. I'd love if I could somehow do a bulk trade or buy them all at once. If you are looking for certain pins, I can keep an eye out for them while I'm at work! Let's work something out

    Thanks for reading!
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