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    Re: How many pins do you have and which are your favorite?

    Thousands! But most of them are Beauty and the Beast and framed sets! My favorites? Has to be the Hotel Shampoo bottle, soap bar and toothpaste pins. These are some of the hardest to find EVER!. But that is not why I love them. I just happened on them on ebay and won them for a "Dear" price. I did not know they even made such pins and was so excited to see them. I always bring home those little bottles of shampoo and bars of soap fron the resorts, they are some of my favorite souvenirs and to have pins of them, WOW!!!!!! Look them up on Pinpics to see how cool (and rare) they are. No, I will NOT trade them for ANYTHING! I also have a Mickey for President, very HTF and I love it. I mostly collect Beauty and the Beast and only have a few more to collect. These are going to be the tough ones. There are only so many out there and no one wants to trade them or sell. So I may be just a few pins short of a perfect Beauty and the Beast collection! I have them from all the parks and soda fountain and imagineereing and Disney store and cruise and almost every Disney Auction B&tB pin made. I am close. I also have the WDCC B&tB pins and alot of the WDCC figurines to go with them. WDCC is coming out this Summer with a whole new B&tB set! Gotta have it!
    I LOVE pins! I have NEVER been to a trading event, imagine that! I just collect, have not done any trading yet, ( but will give pins to children all the time, we don't have kids of our own!). I bought a couple lots of pins on ebay for our next trip and we have doubles of some things, hubby and I always tend to wander away from eachother at the pin stores and purchase the same ones! I also have some very tradable LE's and other great pins from Japan, Paris, and Hong Kong to trade, so I want to do some trading with my book this next trip, probably in the Fall to D-Land. Then next Spring, WDW, if we do not make it there before which I am hoping we can travel to in the Fall. So, I am going to be looking forward to trading with cast members mostly, then at the trading events. I hear you gotta watch out for the sharks, I have seen them at DtD with their tables...I will probably give a lot of my pins away to kids too, that is always a fun thing to do, and it really makes a kids day when you tell them, "Look at my lanyard and pick any one pin you want, it is yours! And you don't even have to give me one back!" I LOVE to see them smile!
    Pins are my habit, er, I mean hobby...LOL!

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    Re: How many pins do you have and which are your favorite?

    I feel almost kinda silly admitting how many pins I have!!!
    But I've been collecting for about 17 years (started in 1990 with the 35th series!) although I didn't get really obsessed until pin trading started in 2000 - and I collect smashed pennies and plush and antenna balls also! And I used to be pretty big on snow globes too, but I started selling them off little by little.

    Favorites: PLUTO! Anything Pluto! I mainly collect Pluto, dated holiday pins, Aladdin characters, Mike and Sulley, Eeyore, and Chicken Little.

    So, pin wise, I have approx 2100! I have about 1800 listed on pin pics - and I know I have a ton more than are listed.
    Plush, probably 100-125 somewhere in that vicinity!
    Penny wise, probably around 500 (maybe 50-75 are non Disney)
    and Antenna ball wise... probably 50 ish - I haven't counted those in about 2 years!
    Snow globes, I probably only have about 20 left from what I sold at one point I had about 45!

    I have a website where I keep pics of all my framed sets and collectibles... many of you have wanted it, so I'm just gonna post it here rather than have you PM me!
    the collectibles button is the pins part
    the room button is my room, which I need to rephotograph, but you can get a general idea!
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    Re: How many pins do you have and which are your favorite?

    I have about 150. I collect mainly attraction pins. My favorite is probably the pirates 40th anniversary pin. I also really love all my nightmare before christmas pins.

    If anybody wants to check them out I am on pinpics as Doofy. Most everything I have is listed on there.
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    Re: How many pins do you have and which are your favorite?

    I have to many to count, my estament is 1,000 pins

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    Re: How many pins do you have and which are your favorite?

    i have 15 pins and all of them are hidden mickeys when i find another hidden mickey i will buy a cheap one and trade for it

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