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    Re: DLR - Pinbassador Event (08/12/07)

    Quote Originally Posted by Disney1978 View Post
    NNL better not know that! That is the whole reason she (and I) got there early in the morning was because of the Tink pin, but when there were no more wristbands we did not even look at the little green men store the rest of the day.

    I wanted the HM pin, so I learned my lesson. If I really want a pin get there earlier than when they start giving out the wristbands.
    That is funny. My wife and I made sure to check out the store just before one. I wasn't sure they would have the pins later when we came back because there were quite a few people out there that had waited outside the store since 8am. It was all good though.
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    Re: DLR - Pinbassador Event (08/12/07)

    I am ok with not getting the Tink pin!
    Originally, I wouldn't have gotten the HM pin - I don't collect HM pins, I'm not gonna sell it on eBay, so why would I get it? Then someone wanted me to get it for him, so I would have if we hadn't been so far behind. Oh well!
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    Re: DLR - Pinbassador Event (08/12/07)

    Well I got there at 12:30, only because i got a text from a friend who said security and the graveyard shift told them it was ok to wait the entire night. I think staying up the whole night is half the fun! And it also depends on how insane you are and how much you want the pin. Both of which I can officially call myself(after Sunday morning, atleast). I had a really good time, but would not do again any time soon.

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