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    Wink OK so Toy Story was my fave films of all time so............

    OK I have to say I might have this in the wrong spot but as a fiction writer and I LOVE to write I have come up with a storyline for Toy Story 4. I know like many people the Toy Story Franchise is one of my all time favorite films, I can watch them relentlessly.
    Anyways my idea for a fourth installment of this franchise and I have discussed this with many friends and things but I wanted your all's opinion on my synopsis because I am deciding to send in something to Disney about it. So here goes......

    So it's 15 years later and we start off with Sunnyside Daycare and we see Bonnie is now working at the Daycare as the story would go we find that Andy has been back at the nice age of 33 years old and has 2 children of his own who are currently enrolled at Sunnyside. The little boy Connor happens to find Andy's toys who left them to Bonnie who brought them to Sunnyside. Well Connor find's Woody and Buzz and is immediately drawn to them and brings them home.
    Andy comes home from work and finds them and then goes to Sunnyside and sees Bonnie and they chat and she shows him all his old friends and he says Can I? She of course says yeah take them home. And thus starting another adventure.

    I dunno kind of corny but just something I had been toying around with and I don't know if I should write something out and send it in or just let it be a dream that stays hidden? What do you all think I should do?

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    Re: OK so Toy Story was my fave films of all time so............

    Disney will not even open it if you send your Toy story 4 idea to them. so don't even bother sending it in sorry. It is a cool idea. But a 4th Toy story seems like one to many even for me and I love toy story movies.

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    Re: OK so Toy Story was my fave films of all time so............

    I think Toy Story 3 ended the saga perfectly. The first film set the stage, the second film build up to the uncertainty of the future of the toys and the third movie brought on the climax with a satisfying ending. To me, there is no other need for anymore Toy Story movies because the toys were able to find a new home and a new beginning for them. You don't need to go any further than that with their story. To make a 4th movie would just sour it, IMO.

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    Re: OK so Toy Story was my fave films of all time so............

    Toy Story 3 ended beautifully and i would hate for there to be a 4th. if perhaps there is a story worth telling that would top them all, then it would definitely be fun to explore.

    my honest opinion, your story sounds like it would repeat what Andy had all over again and that would be unnecessary. it would wipe away any emotions from the 3rd and kind of be like "oh ok, well forget all the sadness and goodbyes, because Andy is back."

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    Re: OK so Toy Story was my fave films of all time so............

    The End.

    This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.

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