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Thread: Pixar evacuated

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    Pixar evacuated is reporting that Pixar Animation Studios has been evacuated due to a fire at a nearby bus yard (Actually it's behind Pixar's main building (they just built a second building on site where the soccer field used to be) and across the street).

    The following is from

    (05-04) 10:23 PDT EMERYVILLE -- A hydrogen gas storage tank at an AC Transit bus yard caught fire Friday morning, prompting an evacuation of nearby Pixar Animation Studios and a school, officials said.
    AC Transit workers heard a popping noise around 7:30 a.m. and saw hydrogen gas leaking out of the 360-kilogram storage tank, said AC Transit spokesman Clarence Johnson. Some of the gas caught on fire and burned, Johnson said.
    Fire and police crews from Oakland and Emeryville responded to the scene at 45th Street and San Pablo Avenue.
    Pixar, whose headquarters are on 45th, and Emery Secondary School on San Pablo were evacuated, as was the bus yard.
    The bus yard is also near a shopping center. It was unclear whether it was affected.
    The gas is continuing to leak out and burn off, Johnson said. There was no explosion and there is "no real imminent danger" of one, he said.
    San Pablo Avenue is closed between at least 43rd and 47th streets, Johnson said.
    Johnson didn't know if AC Transit service would be affected. AC buses are usually fueled the night before, he said.
    The cause of the fire is under investigation.

    Read more: Emeryville bus-yard fire prompts Pixar evacuation
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    Re: Pixar evacuated

    crazy atleast it didnt blow up that would of been devistateing
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