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    Monster's University!

    I laughed

    I can't wait to see this one!

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    Oops, it's Monsters University, not Monster's University. Mods please feel free to change the title of this thread ^_^;;

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    Re: Monster's University teaser trailer!

    Could be good.....don't yet get why they did not want to make a film based after Monsters Inc...and talk more about Alliterative energys

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    Re: Monster's University teaser trailer!

    Should be good. Great cast.
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    Re: Monster's University teaser trailer!

    Looks great!

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    Re: Monster's University teaser trailer!

    I am personally excited to see this. Monsters Inc was one of the first movies I saw in theatres, so it has sentimental value to me.

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    Monsters University

    Hey... I didn't see any open threads about Monsters University so I thought I'd create this one. A new website has been created for the movie that is designed to look like a real college website. You can find the website HERE. Feel free to discuss the movie and add any more news you find here.

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    Re: Monster's University!

    That site is great. Wonder if they will call you constantly like the real online universities. (anybody who has ever given information to them will understand).

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