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    MiceChat Reviews - Monsters University

    Monsters University opens this weekend. If you've seen it, tell us what you thought.

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    Re: MiceChat Reviews - Monsters University

    I gave it a 4... as a piece of entertainment, it's closer to a 5, but I have my 5 category and this isn't it. But it's really a lot of fun. I'm happy with it.

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    Re: MiceChat Reviews - Monsters University

    MU gets a 4 from me. It was very enjoyable and a lot of fun to watch, but not a Pixar masterpiece. The characters I really enjoyed were Dean Hardscrabble and the librarian. such great designs. The two characters I really didn't care for were Don and Art. I really wish they weren't in it, haha.

    Seeing as how this thread is for those who have seen the movie, I won't use the spoiler tag but instead just warn ahead...


    While it was great seeing them do the monster challenges, it felt like it really didn't start going somewhere until Mike sneaked into the the door lab. That moment was an "aahhh, now we're getting somewhere." And once he was inside the cabin with all the children, things got very interesting and risky. It was great, I loved all of that. I loved Mike's realization that he may not be what he dreamed to be, reality check!


    Unlike Brave, I actually look forward to seeing MU again. Great job, Pixar!

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    Re: MiceChat Reviews - Monsters University

    I liked it, gave it a 4 as well. I think it missed just a tiny bit, by not having a character like Boo in Monsters, Inc. But, well done. I want to see it again, to catch more of the subtle Monster jokes that go by so quickly, in the background. And I missed the Pizza truck.

    Spoiler sort of: My thought was having Squishy having a younger sibling would have helped, having a child in the mix somewhere. (it seems possible, since the Frat was living in Squishy's home, with his Mom already)

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    Re: MiceChat Reviews - Monsters University

    I really liked it and gave it a 4
    For the love of Disney....

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    Re: MiceChat Reviews - Monsters University

    Just got back from it. I enjoyed it, however for some reason I found it more sober than hilarious, maybe that is because I just finished my freshman year of college and the character's emotions hit to close to home!

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    Re: MiceChat Reviews - Monsters University

    Growing up with Monsters, Inc., I was anticipating this movie since the first announcement. I'm going off to college this year, and it even had a much greater hype for me. The verdict?

    Pixar has been revived.

    While it may not have the quality or amount of heart of Up or Toy Story 3, I'm glad that it exists, and brings Pixar back from the "trip and fall" with Cars 2 and slow recovery with Brave.

    The film- to me- really started to shine in the third act, right as the "liar revealed" trick was pulled. While it may be an overused cliché, it was handled greatly. When Mike is up for the final competition, I was thinking "Oh, it'll be a big scare and he'll help win their victory." Actually, it was a weak scare, but still managed to get the highest scare, which I thought almost seemed to rob the film of its dignity completely. But when he finds out that Sulley rigged the simulator to make it winnable for anyone (especially for Mike), this was a moment I did not expect. It was a perfect Pixar moment, in terms of how this whole thing was handled.

    The message is also unique and extremely adult for a Pixar film, or any film for that matter. The film manages to teach that life is tough, and you don’t always get what you want – regardless of how much you believe you should. The importance of this message cannot be overstated for today’s children (and heck, even for some adults).

    While Monsters University does hold some college clichés and a lack of what usually makes a Pixar movie adored and acclaimed by all, it has great character development of both the old and the new (I ADORED Dean Hardscrabble's character- she had a very Anton Ego feel to her), eye-candy animation as usual, and probably Pixar's funniest film to be released as of now. Did we want a prequel? Technically, no. Did we get a downgrade? Heck no.

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