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    Article: The True Identity of Andy's Mom in Toy Story Will Blow Your Mind

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    Re: Article: The True Identity of Andy's Mom in Toy Story Will Blow Your Mind

    It's a conspiracy theory.
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    Re: Article: The True Identity of Andy's Mom in Toy Story Will Blow Your Mind

    Andy's hat was purchased at a garage sale.
    1. The toys have a fear of garage sales. They have been held in the past and seen fellow toys leave the room.
    2. Folks who hold garage sales are very likely to be buyers at garage sales.
    3. Children are dragged along to these sales. Andy's role was to watch his sister.
    4. Toy Story 2 illustrates that garage sales are capable of having vintage, highly collectable toys.

    Andy's mom is emily.
    1. the Little Bo Peep lamp was used to decorate the room of emily. As a collector of vintage Disneyland and 70's TV show, this lamp has always bothered me because it is in a boy's room and is from the 50's. Nursery Rhymes as design elements in bedrooms disappeared in the mid 60s. I have seen such lamps at estate sales along with the nursery rhyme cardboard wall images. These nursery images were produced at the same time as the Disney characters ( that many of you may have in your own collection) made of thick cardboard and bright colors.
    2. Where is the lamp before toy story 3 ? It is in Andy's sister room, Emily continuing the tradition of culture of the past being used in the present.

    3. Emily's mom probably saved the hat because of its future use as a costume. Folks saving items is a cultural activity from the 40s-80s. Toys were expensive, everyday items were not mass produced as we had yet to begin to pollute China. Not a form of hoarding, but being practical in saving
    4. Andy is encouraged to save his toys in the attic. Only a parent who was encouraged as a child to save toys would think of asking a college student to put a box in an attic to never be seen again.

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