Experience with Sea World San Diego annual pass renewal was enough to make me almost cancel my passes. Our Silver annual passes were due for renewal on September 21, 2013. We renewed online on July 14, 2013. We paid $10 to have the passes Fed Ex'd to us. We received the passes on July 16, 2013 with the expiration date July 16, 2015, even though the passes had been processed as renewals, the online order said renewal, and the receipt they sent with the passes said renewal. There was a phone number on the bottom of the receipt that said to call if there were any problems. That phone number turned out to be a fax number, so we couldn't call it. Called the Shamu 800 phone number, got someone with membership office, told them the dates were wrong, should have been September 21, 2015, they claimed the dates were correct. I said then we are punished a little over two months for renewing rather than buying new passes outright. They said no, you don't understand it, the dates are correct. I said no, the dates should be September 21, 2015 (2 years Silver annual passes). They put me on hold disappeared for 15 minutes, came back after speaking with a supervisor.

They claimed the problem would fix and the passes would work. I said we would like passes issued with the new date. They said visit member services at the park and have new passes issued. Said we wanted the passes mailed, since we had paid to have them mailed. He argued that they couldn't do that. Finally, they agreed to do it. The passes (mine and my boyfriend's) were ordered together, addressed on the phone together, and originally mailed together. They shipped an envelope regular mail, not Fed Ex (which we paid $10 for remember?). On July 24, 2013 we received an envelope addressed to me with just my pass in it. I called the Shamu 800 number again, and asked to speak to a supervisor, my request was denied. Explained the situation, said that we still don't have the other pass, they said that they didn't address it in the first request, even though they asked me for first and last names and barcodes on both passes. Arguing, on hold again for 15 minutes. Again asked to speak to a supervisor and denied. Finally receive the pass on July 30, 2013. Wrote Sea World corporate an e-mail about it three days ago, have yet to hear anything.

Have had an annual pass since age 4 (am now 32 years old) and this makes me never want to go to Sea World San Diego again. Anyone else ever have problems renewing annual passes?