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    Re: Manta Soft Opens

    Quote Originally Posted by queenJ View Post
    Will be there tomorrow! yay!
    Awesome! Have a great time and be sure to tell us all about it!

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    Re: Manta Soft Opens

    Not that it is hard (ie most of Central Florida's coasters are pretty "meh")...

    ...Manta is by far & away the BEST coaster in Central Florida. It might even be a strong contender for the best coaster in Florida period.

    Lets go through the check-list:

    1) Look: The area is great. Its well landscaped, the building is a nice Key West-ish building. Very nice, bright, and pretty. This kind of thing really helps the perception of a new ride, trees, water, buildings. It says "we cared about our new ride".

    2) Queue: fantastic. Its about time SeaWorld makes a good queue, this one is well done. I could care less about the fish, but its unique and it is one of those queues like Everest and Dueling Dragons that is just "cool". Its not as cool as those mentioned, but even from a designer's POV I was impressed. It looks good and again says "we care about our new ride".

    3) Ride: AWESOME. The pacing looks a bit slow from the ground, but it certainly is not! The loop is INTENSE, the pacing is wonderful, and it perfectly straddles the border of intensity. Anymore, and it would be too much...but it never crosses the line. Plus, it ends right when it needs to. It doesn't carry itself on far longer than it should (I'm talking to you Fire Dragon). It's great.

    1) Queue length. We did a 40 min. wait today...from the front gate. That means the entire length of queue up to the ride is 40 mins. When they get an hour + wait, that line is going to be out in the midway. This could become a crowded area...we'll see how they handle it this summer.

    2) Ops. I mean, I know they working a new ride...but that to me says "hustle" even more. They really kinda meandered around for a 40 min line. The Ops need to be broken in. Again, we'll see how they handle actual crowds this summer.

    3) The fish. I have to say, the two above are critiques that could very well become null & void when the crew gets broken in more. But this one never will. As cool as it is, I agree with Kevin Yee, standing behind people that don't watch the line move (and keep up to it) as they watch the fish gets old real quick. Once is OK, but it pretty much happens at each viewpoint. So be prepared for a lot more stop and go and crunching together than most queue lines. I mean yeah the fish are cool, but after 40 min it gets really old.

    So 1 real complaint, and nothing but praise. This ride is wonderful, great fun, an intense well-paced ride. B&M proudly show thier kahones on this ride, but unlike say Batman, they keep them reigned in just enough so it is never too much (again, I am talking to you Fire Dragon). It's a wonderful ride. I might even say Top-10 worthy...

    I just wish the rest of SeaWorld was as good...

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