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    Underwater Frisbee Aneyone? Sea Trek Diving A Part Of SWF Discovery Cove Expansion

    Source: Screamscape

    [ame=""]YouTube - Sea Trek, Sea Life Park Hawaii (English Instruction)[/ame]

    [ame=""]YouTube - Sea Trek. DePalm Island, Aruba[/ame]

    Sea World Florida's Discovery Cove appears to be gearing up for a Fall 2011 expansion. One of the attractions is said to be a themed salt water environ that includes a cave to interact with. The big rumor is that Sea Trek diving helmets will give guests the opportunity to feed exotiv fish and turtles (wonder if Crush is among them?), touch eagle rays, and even play underwater frisbee.

    Check out the Sea Trek Diving videos of the attraction in Hawaii and Aruba.
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