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Thread: Sea World Manta

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    Sea World Manta

    Went to Sea World San Diego on July 27. Rode Manta 5 times. Longest wait was 30 minutes, even though they were advertising 60 minutes at the start of the line. The employees were making sure all seats were getting filled and sending out most trains full with 20 passengers. They were running all 4 trains and dispatching them in less than a minute averaging about 1200 riders an hour. GREAT JOB!!!!

    Interesting is the 'q'. It appears from looking at opening day pictures to now, they are already replacing the wood hand rails with what looks like plastic coated wood. Unfortunately, people of today seem to feel that it is OK to carve your name or other marks into the railing. They have laid down 2 different types. Appears they are see which is the better option.

    Even more disturbing is the amount of graffiti etched into the glass of the aquarium in line. I am sure a railing will soon be going here to prevent those waiting in line to get close up. Someone even took it upon themselves to draw a happy face on each of the lights in the line with a black sharpie. There are several words I would use to describe these people, but it would get me kicked off of here.

    Another flaw I see changing soon is the portion of the line after the viewing area. Kids, and even some adults, find it is OK to walk around on the landscaping or use this as a shortcut to get to their "friends or family" further up in line. I see some type of netting or fencing material being attached to prevent this. Which is unfortunate because the landscaping is growing in beautifully around the entire ride.

    I think also about 1/3 of the lights have been knocked off their bases as well in line. Hopefully Sea World takes care of all this and doesn't leave it looking like a SFMM ride line. The rapid ride line still looks good after all these years so I know they have it in them to fix these mistakes.
    "And yes, we implore EVERYBODY to follow the park rules. Having off-ride footage is great, but any still photo's or video's taken ON the coasters at SFMM are strictly against the rules. They are there for your (and everybody's) safety." "Six Flags doesn't allow ANY loose articles on their coasters, and they don't allow video taping on their coasters. " BUT, "​ This is not true. Six Flags does not allow ANY On-Ride video or pictures on the rides. The ONLY way is if you get explicit permission from Park Management." ???

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    Re: Sea World Manta

    We went last night and noticed the same things. It was same to see the wood railings already have so many carvings. Really people? Is there a need to carve your name? I don't understand how that even happened since the line moved pretty quickly.

    Also saw some kids running around in the landscaping, or lack there of. The plants are never going to full in with so much foot traffic. Sad to see the parents igoring their kids

    As for the ride, we were very pleasantly surprised! The ride ops were very energetic and added some fun to the ride. The beginning was awesome, and reminded me of what Journey to Atlantis TRIED to do (but failed miserably). The ride had more speed than I expected. It was dark when we went which made it more fun I think. We didn't know what was going on!

    Overall, a great addition. Just sad to see such inconsiderate people.

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