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    SeaWorld Backstage Tours and Animal Interactions

    Has anyone recently done one of the SeaWorld Backstage Tours or Animal Interactions. Considering adding one to our day-trip to SeaWorld in September. But the website discription isn't really that helpful or informative. I'd appreciate first hand reports and not links to other sites or posts thanks. The Tours are the following...

    Behind-the-Scenes Tour
    Beluga Interaction Program
    Dolphins Up-Close Tour
    Marine Mammal Keeper Experience
    Sea Lions Up-Close Tour
    Wild Arctic® Up-Close Experience

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    Re: SeaWorld Backstage Tours and Animal Interactions

    I have not, but I might the next time I am at Sea World, I might consider it.
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    Re: SeaWorld Backstage Tours and Animal Interactions

    I work at SW and sell these tours. I haven't been on one yet but I get reports from people all the time. The marine mammal keeper is the best one but if you aren't going to be there for a few days then probably not worth it because the tour itself is all day but it does include a 7 day SW pass. The Wild Arctic tour is the one that most employees like the best and think that's the most worth it but the Behind the Scenes tour is also really good. There's a VIP tour which you haven't posted but that's a good one as well because you get a quick queue pass, all day dine and preferred seating at shows all included in the tour.

    The Beluga Interaction I've heard is quite cool but the Dolphin Interaction I think isn't worth it. I would just go during a dolphin feeding and buy a tray of food. The Sea Lion interaction let's you go and see the stars in the Clyde and Seamore show from what I understand. But the important thing to remember is to book early. You can call the hotline to do it and they'll answer your questions. You could also book a couple of the shorter tours on the same day if you wanted because each tour has a couple of different times. Have fun!

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    Re: SeaWorld Backstage Tours and Animal Interactions

    I agree with all that KairaMoon says! lol I love the backstage tour, because you get to see the rescued animals, and you get to see all the animals that are not on public display.

    But if you have all day the Keeper for the Day is really where it is at!
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