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    Red Face What does it take to become a Trainer at SeaWorld?

    What does it take to become an animal trainer/behaviorist at SeaWorld?
    It used to be that you had to at least get a College Degree in Child Psychology
    (Marine Biology not required, but didn't hurt).
    What are the requirements now????

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    Re: What does it take to become a Trainer at SeaWorld?

    Quite a bit aside from the degree.

    The swim test is pretty grueling- swim 200 yards in a straight line in one breath, tread water for 15 minutes without using your hands, dive 26' and pick up a 5# dive weight on the bottom of the pool. There's also a mic test to gauge your speaking skills and comfort level in front of a large audience. The interview is very extensive, if you even get that far.
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