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Thread: Why Shanghai?

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    Why Shanghai?

    I know that Hong Kong Disneyland is not on the mainland...but do they really need two Disney park?....I'm guessing HKDL will be the smaller park, and that Shanghai Disneyland will be DW size?

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    Re: Why Shanghai?

    China is suppose to grow past US. Just think about it. What "ISNT" made in China?

    China im pretty sure controls the market, they got the money to spend unlike the US. US is simply just losing and cant keep up with China...

    Also, China has at least a billion people there...
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    Re: Why Shanghai?

    A lot of the evidence about SDL so far has pointed to it being roughly the same size or smaller than Hong Kong Disneyland, I believe.

    Disney believes that having a park in Shanghai and one in Hong Kong is equivalent to having a resort in Florida and a resort in California.
    Especially because there are 200 million people within two hours driving distance of Shanghai Disneyland.
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