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    Infrastructure Development Moving Forward

    Excerpted from the Shanghai Daily

    A 40 billion yuan (US$6.1 billion) budget for infrastructure has been approved for the first Disneyland Park on China's mainland. The sum is equal to Pudong's facility expenditure for last year's World Expo.

    THOUGH bidding has not started to choose contractors for the city's Disneyland project, preparation for roads in the theme park is in full swing, constructors told Shanghai Daily.

    "The muddy land in the area is not suitable for road construction, so we are treating the muddy surface by a special method to ready the land for road construction. It's progressing smoothly," said Xu Zheng, general manager of the Shanghai Construction Group, the project constructor.

    "The city authorities have not announced the bidding procedure to select equipment contractors for the park," he added.

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    Re: Infrastructure Development Moving Forward

    ORGOCH: So, is what yer a sayin' is that all muddy roads leads ta Shanghai Dizzyland?

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    Re: Infrastructure Development Moving Forward

    You can't build a Disney park in a swamp! It'll never work.

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    Re: Infrastructure Development Moving Forward

    Wasn't WDW built on a swamp land?

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