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    Notes from a train

    I take the train to work from Simi Valley, to Burbank, and back each day. I often see people who I interpret as working for Disney due to apparel, name badge, etc.

    On March 10th, I saw a guy on the train writing a document on his laptop. The Title of the Document was "Shanghai Disneyland" . This perked my interest. I couldn't read the text very well due to my distance, however I could see the following headlines on the page:

    Jet Packs
    TRON Lightcycles
    There was a lot of paragraphs in between these headlines and he was composing text during the train trip. I didn't have the nerve to approach him ,but perhaps if I see him again I'll try and speak to him.

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    Wink Re: Notes from a train

    What? You didn't snatch his laptop from him and jump train?!?!

    To quote my esteemed sister Maleficent:

    "Idiots! Infidels!!"

    What kind of MiceChat spy are you?!

    "I've got the heart of a child..." - I keep it in a box, next to my bed...

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    Re: Notes from a train

    That´s why people should not be shy............
    The world according me:

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    Re: Notes from a train

    I would have completely freaked out and not approached him :P But in my theoretical Rambo life i would have gone to jump through the window and grabbed the info mid-air and then slowmo and then i hit the ground do a barrell roll and time resumes as normal :P

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    Re: Notes from a train

    Folded like a lawn chair!!! Just kidding... I don't know that I would have had the courage to talk to him either. Very interesting though, thanks for sharing! If you do see him again, please strike up a friendly conversation then politely make him tell you everything he knows.

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    Re: Notes from a train

    I think Disney should place people on trains with boldface papers with fake attractions. That would be hilarious.

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