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Thread: when?

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    Cool when?

    when does SD open?

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    Re: when?

    It's planned for a 2016 opening! 5 years is a long time...

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    Re: when?

    ORGOCH: Yup, sure is. Some of us will most likely be in a pine box, pushin' up dasies by then!

    ORWEN: Speak for yourself, old biddy! I plan to be around for a long time, still!

    ORGOCH: Well, yer right 'bout one thing, sister! Yer always gonna' be ROUND!

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    Re: when?

    Letīs hope the park has some good rides when it opens. If it will be like with HKDL we might have to wait 14 years to even think of going to Shanghai otherwise.
    The world according me:

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    Re: when?

    It will be three times the size of Hong Kong Disneyland on opening day. I don't think Bob Iger wants the only Disney park which opens during his tenure to be mistaken for one of Michael Eisner's half-built dinky turds.

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