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Thread: Opening Hours

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    Red Face Opening Hours

    Hi, Is SFMM open only on weekends? I am coming with a group in August.

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    Re: Opening Hours

    Hi! From what I remember, during the summer Six Flags Magic Mountain is open everyday, although the time it opens and closes does change. Your best bet would be to keep an eye on this website: Six Flags Magic Mountain

    If you go to the events tab, you can see what big events are coming soon and see a calender with the dates and times they are open, just hover over the date your interested in.

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    Re: Opening Hours

    SFMM will be open daily from now until Labor Day.

    Opening time is 10:30am (which I don't get, but whatever).

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    Re: Opening Hours

    ^ I believe at WCB Q&A, Tim Burkhart said that the 10:30am openings might be rolled back to a 10:00am gate opening allowing guests as far as the borders of Six Flags Plaza until 10:30am. That it's something being worked on currently.

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