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    Re: Went to Magic Mountain and wow... just wow...

    I kinda figured that's what you meant... but let's also add that the new DCA Carsland area will be thrown up on a parking lot. It's what you turn the area into that matters.
    Does anyone even bother with signatures anymore?

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    Re: Went to Magic Mountain and wow... just wow...

    Quote Originally Posted by TacAlert View Post
    Your right, I haven't ridden it yet. I am sure the pre-shows are nice. Hopefully I will get there this year to ride it. The joke was they just threw the coaster on an empty dirt lot.
    Of course they did. It's called the ground.

    In case you didn't know, all coasters are built on the ground.

    I kid, I kid...

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    Re: Went to Magic Mountain and wow... just wow...

    I can clear up a few things. I have been working in the rides for 2 years and now I am a mechanic.

    With Six Flags seriously in debt, Magic Mountain is turning out record profits.
    They end up redistributing the money the MM makes to the rest of the parks who don't make as much. They personally do not govern what they can buy without having to go to the HQ SF. Which takes months of waiting.

    The tram system is in a terrible need of an upgrade. They have 8 trams (2-3 available per day) This is because the rest of them are down for maintenance. They refuse to buy us any new ones because they think it is cheaper to maintain the old ones. (Which were purchased from Universal, and were used)
    Don't get the wrong impression but the tram systems are about 30-40 years old.

    The old flash pass system were tickets, I can agree 5 ticket per 5 dollars a piece is a lot cheaper but a lot of the workers were keeping them and reselling them. They stopped this by switching to the new system, which I feel is still overpriced.

    The lockers....alright, so this is more new then old. They had lockers at X and Riddlers Revenge but have had recently added them to the rest of the roller coasters. They have lockers at the front but I can understand people wanting to carry their stuff around. The ride operators are forced to not allowed to allow anyone to ride with bags. =/

    Lastly, for cleaning...all of the rides are operated by minors to a few adults (18-20) with the rare occasion of older workers. They are being paid minimum wage and work on 6-7 hours shifts (16 hour shifts if an adult). A lot of these guys like to work these hours to make a living. Why am I bringing this up? Well, the ride operators clean their own rides (as do the foods merchandise people clean their shops) after the park closes. This really does lead to a mess, most people quickly clean up what they see then try to get out of there. The cleaning department only cleans the midway and special cases.

    To sum things up

    Lockers + flash passes are to make money.
    Workers don't like to stay too late to clean up after their rides/shops close.
    Trams are olddd.

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