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    Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom - 2010 Rumors

    Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom

    New Attraction - Rumor - (7/31/09) A bad rumor has been running around the ‘net lately claiming that Kentucky Kingdom would add a Tony Hawk’s Big Spin coaster for the 2010 season. Screamscape sources however have confirmed to us that this is just not true. I’ve been told that something is planned for the park next year, but it’s not a coaster.

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    Re: Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom - 2010 Rumors

    Well if they add something it would squash the rumors that the parks days are numbered.

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    Re: Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom - 2010 Rumors

    I have a feeling something big is going to happen next season. Also why would they sell a park which for the most part is pad off? The park still draws in ok crowds even though most people are there for the water park but no matter which part of the park they go to they still must pay admission. Also when I was there I saw over 2 hour waits for chang and 90 minute waits for thunder run.
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