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    Six Flags Discovery Kingdom info

    I'm thinking of a last minute trip to this park. I searched the website but couldn't find any answers. Would anyone be able to tell me about Fright Fest? Is there a separate admission and when does the park close it's regular hours before the event begins? Is Fright Fest very scary? I've been to Knott's for a comparison. Some small children (age 7ish) would be with me.
    What aobut Flash Pass? Would it be worth it in this situation? Thanks very much for your responses.
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    Re: Six Flags Discovery Kingdom info

    I was just there a couple weeks ago.

    I wrote about it in this thread.

    They have a map which tell you which events are kid friendly and which are not. I have not been to any other events, so I do not have a reference for comparison. I did not do the stuff like the mazes or anything like that. I believe that a seperate ticket is needed for the maze stuff. I think the people who went to them had a wristband. Sorry I cannot be much more help.

    Oh and for Flashpass the place was pretty empty so we did not wait more than a few minutes for any coaster.

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