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    Disney Merchandise at Six Flags?

    I live near St. Louis, so I obviously go to the Six Flags St. Louis when it is open. The last time I was there (October 2009), I went into the clearance store. I was really surprised to see some Disney merchandise there for sale. They had a lot of Cars things (plush dolls, coloring books, etc) and a few Bolt items as well. I have never seen Disney things for sale at Six Flags and was wondering if other Six Flags around the country have noticed this.

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    Re: Disney Merchandise at Six Flags?

    I've seen a few Disney licensed items for sale at one of the stores in Six Flags Magic Mountain. Mostly Cars items, I believe. I also saw Marvel toys at the same store.

    Heck, I even hear two Hannah Montana songs on the park soundtrack.

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    Re: Disney Merchandise at Six Flags?

    I have seen Disney merchandise at Six Flags and Cedar Fair locations.

    But then again, they sell LEGO stuff at Disneyland... and that is a competing park.
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    Re: Disney Merchandise at Six Flags?

    Discovery Kingdom sells Disney items in some of their Main Plaza stores and Disney music is played on park sound. I've heard High School Musical and Hannah Montana.

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