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    Question Six Flags Magic Mountain to host martial arts and boxing event - good idea?

    This one has me scratching my head from a marketing (and possibly a security) point of view:

    Six Flags Magic Mountain has tried so hard over the past decade to rid itself of a bad reputation earned in the 1990s as a magnet for rowdiness, fights and violence.

    Now the Valencia amusement park will host a mixed martial arts and boxing event featuring local fighters on July 31 at the 3,000-seat Golden Bear Theater.
    You can read more from our friend Brady at LA Times:
    Six Flags Magic Mountain to host MMA fight - Travel -
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    Re: Six Flags Magic Mountain to host martial arts and boxing event - good idea?

    Having the MMA/Boxing event won't incite violence amongest the park guests anymore than a Cherabog show scene inspires Disneyland guests to become satan worshippers. Honestly, this notion of SFMM being filled with gangbangers is so far from the current truth that it's really ridiculous.

    From a theme park's standpoint, this is a great idea. MMA has a big following amongest perfectly peaceful fans who'll no doubt flock to this event, and bring their business with them to SFMM.

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