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    Superman: The Escape not becoming Bizarro!

    I came across an article today... Six Flags has finally made an announcement of what's going on with the Valencia attraction, especially when the Superman ride hasn't been open for some time. Along with rumors going wild over the Superman figure went missing a few months ago from the top of the coaster, and no. It wasn't stolen but it gives a fun story. =) Anyway, Six Flags is actually going to put the 'Man of Steel' through a major renovation in 2011.

    To read more, check out the hyper-link:
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    Re: Superman: The Escape not becoming Bizarro!

    I hope the backwards car still falls through even though Bizarro isn't coming.

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    Re: Superman: The Escape not becoming Bizarro!

    Something to consider. Tower of Terror at Dreamworld in Australia is opening next month with a backwards launch. It's pretty much the same ride as Superman but a little shorter and there is only 1 side. And I still wouldn't count out a Bizarro theme.

    Australasian Leisure Management - Home

    After almost 14 years of thrills and more than eight million panicked passengers, Dreamworld’s Tower of Terror ‘scream attraction’ is set for a relaunch.
    Tower of Terror will close on 18th August and will reopen four weeks later, in time for the September school holidays, with a terrifying twist. Unlike the original, adrenalin junkies will be harnessed into the deepest depths of the Tower’s lair, facing nothing but a dark void. An eerie silence lasts for just milliseconds before the car blasts backwards rocketing guests out of a 206 metre tunnel at rapid speed.
    Hitting up to 161 km/h in just seven seconds, riders soar 100 metre into the atmosphere dangling for several seconds of stomach-churning weightlessness at its peak before plummeting back to earth. However, with Tower of Terror II this plunge is face first.
    Dreamworld Chief Executive Noel Dempsey says, “the Tower of Terror has been a rite of passage for almost every Australian teenager and the re-launched ride will build on that terror factor.
    “It incorporates three major fears: high speeds, falling from great heights and dark confined spaces.
    “Instead of facing the sky, all you see is the ground, first disappearing fast and then rapidly approaching as you plummet towards the tunnel.”

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