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    Discovery Kingdom Fright Fest (Good or Bad?)


    I am a long-time Knott's Halloween Haunt fan, but this year there has been a change of plans... I'm headed for Discovery KIngdom's Fright Fest...

    Is it good, or is it amaeur and poorly made? I have high standards for haunted houses (because of my many Haunt experiences) and do not want to be dissapointed... though I get the feeling that I might be...

    Also, does anyone have the 2010 haunted house list for the park?

    Any help is much MUCH appreciated!

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    Re: Discovery Kingdom Fright Fest (Good or Bad?)

    I think every year SFDK's Fright Fest has been on a decline. The haunted houses aren't very dressed up and just sit in huge tents. For years there has only been two haunted houses and 1 scare zone. I think Fright Fest would be fun for beginners, but if you been to Knotts you probably won't be too impressed. But you do get into the park for free with a season pass so it's worth checking out something new if you got one & the mazes are not expensive. $20 I think for unlimited.
    CGA mazes, entertainment, and scarezones are all very good, more on Knott's level. I'd recommend checking them out but it costs more to get in.

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    Re: Discovery Kingdom Fright Fest (Good or Bad?)

    we haven't been to DK's Fright Fest but we did go to Great America's Haunt last year and found it to be pretty ok for only being in its second year. Their mazes were very well done (we actually saw a couple things that were very inventive and we'd not seen anywhere else) but their scare zones were VERY lacking.

    overall we enjoyed GA's Haunt and do plan to return this year.
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    Re: Discovery Kingdom Fright Fest (Good or Bad?)

    SFDK's Fright fest for 2010 will be much like last year with a few changes. Once again there will be two haunted houses, but one is being moved to a new location. There will only be one zombie zone located in the same location as previous years. It's one of the few locations where there is an easily accessible alternate route for families with young children.
    This year there is also plans for another haunted zone, not necessarily with zombies but more a walk through cemetery type location.
    They also change over the shows for the evenings. Shouka Nights, a high energy show with lights and dancing. Club Cetacean, the disco dolphin show (Personally my favorite show all year). Super Spooky Sea Lion, Lostin Powers has to find who stole all the candy with the help of a few friends. Wildlife also changes their show but I have never seen it. I work at Discovery Kingdom in Show Productions, so I have to promote the shows.

    There is also the nightly funeral procession and I believe this year they will also be doing the hanging.

    My advice, don't go in expecting anything like Knotts. They don't have anywhere near the budget or staffing.
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    Re: Discovery Kingdom Fright Fest (Good or Bad?)

    ]Just so you can see what it looked like this year...

    DisneyRicky's Awesome Almost Halloween Day Report

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