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    Re: Six Flags Magic Mountain Questions

    Fright Fest has never looked better than it does this year, IMO.

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    Re: Six Flags Magic Mountain Questions

    I went last Saturday night (for an ACE event). Although the mazes at SFMM don't change much (which is why they're cheaper), the talent does seem to be pretty strong overall. The scare zone at the top of the hill was in full force, and was very entertaining. The Jokester's Maze was having some technical problems preventing the full scares from emerging, but overall, it's a good experience for the money.

    Oddly enough, the lines seemed longest at the beginning of the night. Lines went down quite a bit after about the first hour or so. However, this also may be in part to it being the second night of the event... I can imagine as the month goes on, the lines will stay longer for a longer time.

    Also, X2 has a new soundtrack for the event. Nothing earth shattering, but a fun change of pace with a few amusing moments.
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    Re: Six Flags Magic Mountain Questions

    ^ Had no idea about the new X2 soundtrack. That's pretty awesome.

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    Re: Six Flags Magic Mountain Questions

    I'm new to the forum. I'm doing a little research and I can't find what Magic Mountain's Capacity is. I want to know how many guests can be there before they close the gates. If any of you know or can point me in the right direction I'd appreciate it.

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