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    Geauga Lake's Big Dipper Bought by Coaster Enthusiasts

    It looks like the Big Dipper, one of the oldest wooden coasters in the world, has been bought by 2 coaster enthusiasts, temporarily saving it from the wrecking ball. Geauga Lake closed a few years ago, and Cedar Fair, the current owners of the now-closed park, have been trying to find buyers for the past couple of years.

    It appears that its life has been spared for the time being:

    Save the Big Dipper

    Here's hoping that they can actually find some way to save the coaster, since it really is an important part of history, IMO. I have to applaud the sheer amount of balls they have for actually moving forward with this project.

    I have my doubts, however, as to how successful this project will turn out to be - they don't have a solid plan, nor a timetable, nor a list of partners, nor ANY INFORMATION AT ALL, for that matter - apart from a very vague post that states "they are working on finding a suitable relocation site".


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    Re: Geauga Lake's Big Dipper Bought by Coaster Enthusiasts

    I like this site better.

    SAVE TEH BIG DIPPER!!!! </head>

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    Re: Geauga Lake's Big Dipper Bought by Coaster Enthusiasts

    ^ X2 ...

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    Re: Geauga Lake's Big Dipper Bought by Coaster Enthusiasts

    On one hand, it's nifty that two Enthusiasts bought the coaster.

    However on the other hand,

    -They have no solid buisness plan
    -They currently have no site to relocate or store it
    -They're looking for volunteers to help take down the coaster
    -They say they have someone from the industry helping, however it seems that'll only happen if there's "time-permitted" for him to help out.

    This is just a little sampling of things that are totally wrong here, how can I back something up if they don't even have a idea how to take the coaster down, relocate it and rebuild it?

    As what's been said over at TPR, we're not against the idea of the Big Dipper being saved...however we're not fond of how this all being presented.

    To me this is the equivilant of any fanboy going into Disney and trying to run it in a way that they think they're saving the company. It's quite a dream to bring back past attractions, shows, water elements etc., but reality is going to drop one hell of an anvil on them to show they're out of touch with it.

    This thing is just running on a dream, however reality is far different. Even if this group does manage to get all the money to take down and transport it, they'll be running into the issue of replacing parts and wood to need to be replaced...and that can turn everything upsidown for them.
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    Re: Geauga Lake's Big Dipper Bought by Coaster Enthusiasts

    Geauga Lake's The Big Dipper:

    An over-the-hill tenant condenmed by idiots,
    and then brought back by bigger idiots!
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