Our pal Brady MacDonald, of the LA Times Funland Blog, just tested the tweaked and relaunched Superman ride at Six Flags Magic Mountain and loved it.

I used to think the ride on the Superman shuttle coaster essentially ended when the car reached the climatic 415-foot-high peak. But now that Six Flags Magic Mountain has flipped the trains around to run backward, the fun is just getting started when you reach the top.
The further we climbed, the more my jaw drew open until my gaping maw turned into a maniacal grin. At the precipice, I screamed as the coaster stalled for a moment of weightless hang time still the best moment of the ride, forward or backward.

Filled with anticipation rather than relief (as was usual on the old ride), I looked left and right at the commanding view before turning my attention again to the 40-story drop before me. My cheeks flapped and nostrils flailed like a stunt pilot in a wind chamber as tears streaked from my eyes during the demon descent.
This is a great review that I highly recommend you read. While he absolutely loved the ride, he does have some tips and fair criticisms as well.

Six Flags Magic Mountain's Superman coaster review: Twice as good - latimes.com