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    Apocalypse: Worth the wait?

    I'll be visiting SFMM soon and I wasn't sure if Apocalypse was worth riding? Is it a smooth wooden? are the waits long?

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    Re: Apocalypse: Worth the wait?

    For a woodie, it's quite smooth. I like it a lot, and find it very re-ridable. If you hit it first thing in the morning, there is basically no wait for it at all.

    It's currently in one train operation while the other one gets refurbed, so that may slow down the line quite a bit. But I think it's worth riding. Just get over to it as soon as you can, and feel free to ride multiple times. You'll want to.
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    Re: Apocalypse: Worth the wait?

    Of course it's worth riding. Be sure to catch the pre-show. I'm the dark-colored blob that throws a grenade at you in the final pre-show room.

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