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    Road Runner Express SFMM Construction

    Construction was complete a couple weeks ago on the main part of the coaster, just thought I would share. I agree they definitely NEED to add trees...lots and lots of trees.

    This is a pic from the Sky Tower from December when the coaster was still sitting in the dirt behind Deja Vu / Terminator (actually since this was originally supposed to be Mr. Six Dance coaster it sat back there for over a year....)

    The whole coaster

    Up Close view
    It actually looks kinda fun!

    A little piece of heaven

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    Re: Road Runner Express SFMM Construction

    It is a Vekoma roller skater, isn't it? Now Disneyland and Magic Mountain will have two things in common: 1) this coaster, and 2) a ride that will never come back, but everyone talks about like it will one day (SFMM's Monorail and Peoplemover).

    Now the zen question... is Magic Mountain becoming more like Disneyland, or is Disneyland becoming more like Magic Mountain? Discuss, butterflies.
    Does anyone even bother with signatures anymore?

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    Re: Road Runner Express SFMM Construction

    Yes, RoadRunner Express is essentially Gadget's Go Coaster.

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