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    Deja Vu after hours ride time.

    Don't know if it's been mentioned, but Magic Mountain is giving after hours ride time on Sundays before it leaves the park. Every Sunday starting Sept. 16th to Oct. 16 vouchers will be available. This was posted on their wall...

    "SFMM Facebook fan that stops by Guest Relations, paid admission required, can pick-up an after hours ride time voucher for Déjà Vu for that night (while supplies last)"

    Pretty cool.

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    Re: Deja Vu after hours ride time.

    That's very cool of them. It's only for Sundays though right?!
    I'm going to miss this ride. Weirdly enough, this ride has never been broken down out of the couple trips I take to the park each year. Just got back from taking a bunch of friends to SFMM for their first time from the Bay Area, they loved the ride.

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