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    Magic Mountain: Photo Heavy Tribute (courtesy of flickr)

    Some great shots of SFMM, thanks to the awesome galleries on flickr! Sadly, shot here less than I'd like in recent times. Let's have a look around at what the park has to offer shutterbugs besides just those great coasters, shall we?

    Six Flags Magic Mountain 003 by Roller Coaster Philosophy, on Flickr

    Theming! by BaSSiStiSt, on Flickr

    Atop X at six flags magic mountain by danielzimms, on Flickr

    DSC_1961 by, on Flickr

    Six Flags Magic Mountain, Los Angeles by Paul & Kelly, on Flickr

    S5000744 by theSarge00, on Flickr

    Six Flags Magic Mountain 1 by JefferyTurner, on Flickr

    "Barney Rubble" by roy_mac_an_iarla, on Flickr

    Green Lanter, Batman and Robin by evil_twin_cartoonist, on Flickr

    great Gold Rusher sign by ezeiza, on Flickr

    Superman The Escape & Aquaman The Ride, Er, Goliath by MPR529, on Flickr

    Six Flags Magic Mountain by JefferyTurner, on Flickr

    Now, wasn't that fun?
    when the spooks have a midnight jamboree....

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    Re: Magic Mountain: Photo Heavy Tribute (courtesy of flickr)

    You guys went all out this year. The park appears to be quite clean for a Six Flaggs facility. :P But seriously have they started ripping the Minirail track apart?

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    Re: Magic Mountain: Photo Heavy Tribute (courtesy of flickr)

    That was great!!! I havant gone in 3 years!!!
    they are almost done ripping out the metro track I heard !!!;( ;( ;( ;(

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    Re: Magic Mountain: Photo Heavy Tribute (courtesy of flickr)

    I was about to say....are you sure none of those are Photoshopped? Everything looks SO clean!
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