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    Tropicana Inn

    I stayed at the Tropicana Inn on my last trip to Disneyland. I had a great experience with Tropicana Inn and enjoyed my stay with them. It was so much better going Off Property, I felt . The Check In & Out was much better then the Disneyland hotel, imo.

    I loved it, that it was not far from walkway to Disneyland. That they offer internet access at there lobby. So I was still able chat at MiceChat and my other forum that I also go on.

    Soda at the Soda machines were only $1.

    There pool was alright. Only problem, it was pretty cold at the time I decided to go in it. But the spa was much better. Only jeer I could really think of there. Is they should have a sign for how to open that pool gate door when you try to go in.

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    Re: Tropicana Inn

    We liked it when we were there in March. We got the in room wireless internet in the room. The free breakfast was so-so, comfy rooms. Next time we want to get the two rooms connected by a kitchen (good sized group) The realy nice thing was being able to go back to the room whenever you wanted (no shuttle) unlike Staybridge Inn and Suites (Good breakfast and great suites) *SIGH* now we have to choose between the two...
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