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    Ayers Hotel Anaheim

    Has anybody stayed here before??? We just got this on Priceline. It looks nice, Trip Advisor had some good things to say about it. I was just wondering if anybody has any personal experience at this hotel.


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    Re: Ayers Hotel Anaheim

    Haven't stayed at the Anaheim Ayers, but have been to a couple of the chain's other hotels and they are always very nice. Much better service than a typical chain hotel, and nicer, better appointed rooms.

    You are also really close to the pond. Have you ever considered going to a hockey game? You can get cheap tickets to Ducks games on E-bay. You might want to look into that as something different to do while you are in Anaheim, especially since you wouldn't have to pay for parking at the pond, you'd just cross the street to go to the arena!

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    Re: Ayers Hotel Anaheim

    hey let me know how you like it there. I'm going there for the first 3 days of my honeymoon next June.

    I decided to stay there based on the exceptional reviews. It seemed like a quality, unique hotel.

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    Re: Ayers Hotel Anaheim

    I have stayed there a couple times and been very pleased. The rooms are clean, tasteful, spacious and comfortable, and the breakfast is a great bonus. You will have to drive to the park, but it's only a couple miles. This is also a perfect location if you're going to an event at the Pond. It's literally across the street, so you don't have to deal with traffic and parking. I recommend requesting a room on the 2nd or 3rd floor, so your window isn't looking right out onto the sidewalk with people milling about.

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