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    Honeymoon in September

    Okay so i will be getting married on a cruise ship in september. I am trying to convince my will be husband that after our 4 day cruise we should get some much needed alone time (our whole family is also going on the cruise) and head up to the parks and stay on property for 2 nights before we return to normal married life (we bought a house in April of '08... so it is really just the paperwork part of being married

    Here is my question.... GCH or DLH??? We are Premium AP holders so I know there will be a discount. I enjoy the concierge service so I am sure we will do that (We did at PPH for out 1yr dating anniversary). I would also want park view no matter what! But which one is better. I have heard people say that the rooms in the GCH are smaller and not as nice. I really enjoy craftsman style architechture and such but i also love Disney magic!

    Any advice on this would be GREAT! Thank you in advance to all micechatters!
    -Miss Wendy Lynn

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    Re: Honeymoon in September

    Hello Wendy!

    The Disneyland Hotel, being the original, many people like to stay there, because of it. Then there is the group that no matter what swears by GCH. They always stay there, no matter what. Being for reasons anywhere from the grandeur of the property, to the preferred concierge service.
    I think it would be nice to stay at the DL hotel, first. Then for another special occasion stay at the GCH, and see how you like it. I believe that no matter where you may choose to stay, that it will be very nice and special indeed.
    As I gather more information regarding these properties, I will share it here.

    Congratulations on your marriage, and have a wonderful cruise. Have a most magical time as well while visiting Disneyland.
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